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MAR 2017

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Followers Unlike other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, Snapchat does not recommend accounts for users to follow based on interests or other activity. Therefore, you need to build your follower base by cross promoting content on your other social media profiles or through in-store signage and promotion. One way to boost your follower count is to host a sale that requires your customers to follow you on Snapchat in order to get the deal. DIY Project Demos Use stories to educate your customers on common DIY projects. Post a series of videos that show your employees completing a project step-by-step, along with an explanation of the products needed to complete the project. Additionally, follow up the project series by answering questions that customers frequently ask regarding the specific project. New Products When you get new, exciting products in your store, share with your Snapchat followers first. Post photos or videos of the product coming out of the box on your story, or post a video of your employees or customers using the new product. If you have a popular item that's flying off the shelves, use Snapchat to keep your customers in the loop in real-time when you're restocking the shelves. Special Offers Reward your followers for their engagement by offering them incentives. For example, consider a giveaway to the first 20 followers to respond to a video on your Snapchat Story. To convert followers into customers, offer a 10 percent discount to anyone who mentions your Snapchat account at the register on a certain day. This could encourage your followers to remain engaged. Behind the Scenes Give your followers a peek at what goes on behind the scenes at your store. Snap a video of the delivery truck coming in, share your adventures at a buying market or highlight your staff setting up a display after hours. Snapchat is a great tool for connecting with your customers on a more personal level. Sharing behind-the-scenes content gives your brand a personality and makes your business more relatable to your customers. Highlight In-Store Events Hosting an annual sale or community event? Get your customers excited beforehand by sharing photos and videos of the event prep. Then, give your followers a play-by-play at the actual event. Seeing the excitement in real time may convince your followers to attend a future event or even stop by your event that day. Partner With Local Influencers Customers trust the opinions of people they recognize and admire. Have a local celebrity like a politician, athlete or radio or television personality come into your store and take over your Snapchat for a day. This person could go around your store picking out favorite products. This can help you gain rapport with your Snapchat followers and create legitimacy around your brand. Keep It Fun Snapchat is unique because it allows for lighthearted and casual social media interactions with customers. Don't take yourself too seriously. Try out different types of content to see what works for your followers. Don't be afraid to post goofy snaps of the store owner telling a joke or the store pet doing a silly trick. Also, be sure to experiment with Snapchat's many funky filters during the editing process. 1 5 2 6 3 7 4 8 March 2017 | HARDWARE RETAILING 93

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