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MAY 2017

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HARDWARE RETAILING | May 2017 32 1 Spring Product Preview 1. Blade Dispenser The SEB100AD Single Edge Blade Dispenser provides the quickest and most convenient blade access by utilizing a unique spring mechanism. The clear case enables users to remove one blade at a time while easily seeing how many blades remain. Blades are not paper wrapped, so they can be used immediately. The dispenser holds 100 high-quality, No. 9 single-edge blades. Used blades can be safely disposed of in a built-in compartment. Allway Tools, Inc. 718-792-3636 or allwaytools.com 2. Wood Protectant Protect and enhance wood with the flexibility and convenience of water. The Total Wood Protectant WS Series is a unique combination of chemicals that penetrates deep into wood without surface film buildup, and it highlights existing grain patterns with clarity and warmth. The WS series contains water repellents, which inhibit the damage caused by water absorption and contain carefully selected mildewcides that deter the growth of mildew on the surface of the stain. TWP WS is a low volatile organic compound formula, making it compliant in all 50 states. All of the benefits of TWP are now available in a water-based formula. Amteco Products 800-969-4811 or amteco.com 2 3 4 3. Wood Repair Epoxy LiquidWood ® and WoodEpox ® make permanent, cost-effective repairs to rotted or damaged wood. The products are available separately yet work together; LiquidWood serves as a primer for WoodEpox. LiquidWood is ideal for regenerating and waterproofing rotted, dried-out or spongy window sills, thresholds, window and door frames and millwork of all kinds. WoodEpox bonds permanently with high strength to most surfaces. It fills cracks, holes and voids of any size without the shrinking and crumbling of common wood fillers. It can replace or add missing or new sections in window frames and sills, furniture, sculptures, structural and decorative components both indoors and outdoors. Abatron, Inc. 800-445-1754 or abatron.com 4. Electronic Pest Deterrent The Pest-X Electronic Pest Chaser is easy-to-use and effective. It is ideal for use in homes and offices. When plugged into a wall outlet, it sends out ultrasonic signals, which are above the average hearing range of humans, cats and dogs but irritate common rodents and insects. Pest-X is available in one- or two-pack sizes. Bird-X Inc. 800-662-5021 or bird-x.com

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