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MAY 2017

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22. Spray Foam Insulation Touch 'n Foam sealants expand to fill gaps and cracks, creating an effective barrier against the loss of heated (or cooled) air. The sealants ensure homeowners get the most out of standard insulation and HVAC systems. Touch 'n Foam sealants are also great for blocking moisture, dust, sound and insects. The product line includes a maximum expanding sealant and a minimum expanding sealant, a flame-resistant sealant, an exterior filler adhesive, a window and door sealant and a latex formula sealant. Convenience Products 800-325-6180 or www.touch-n-foam.com 23. Multi-Purpose Work Gloves The Kobolt Denim is a versatile, multi-purpose pair of work gloves. The gloves are made of flexible goatskin leather to provide all-day comfort. With a stretch denim back and reinforced thumb and fingertips, the gloves are breathable and durable. Use them for projects that require great fit and dexterity, such as construction, gardening and yard work, driving and equipment operation, hand tool use and precision handwork. Hestra Job USA 888-939-9969 or hestrajobusa.com 22 23 BLOCKS M i c e • S p i d e r s • I n s e c t s • B e e s B i r d s • B a t s • R o a c h e s • A n t s • • TAKE A STAND AGAINST MICE. Mouse Shield ™ contains an EPA-registered pesticide that protects the foam from attack by mice and other pests such as birds, bats and tree squirrels. It also blocks ants, roaches, spiders and bees. Use Mouse Shield to seal gaps and cracks inside your garage, attic, crawl space, basement, under sinks, around pipe/electrical penetrations or any areas where pests, insects or drafts can enter your home and living spaces. Discover Mouse Shield Premium Pest Block at Touch-n-Foam.com/pest – then order it for your customers today by contacting us at 1-800-325-6180.

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