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OCT 2017

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HARDWARE RETAILING | October 2017 Things Your Employees Are Dying to Tell You 10 10 F or many retailers, employees are family. Even if they're not related by blood, these are the people you spend the most time with day to day. Yet even in the most harmonious and communicative workplaces, there are lessons to be learned for both employers and employees. Hardware Retailing spoke to Tim O'Malley, human resources manager at Tilson, a human resources services company, for some expert advice about managing employees. 1. Teach me something. There are plenty of reasons to seek employment, the ability to earn a living being the most obvious. But the most proactive employees are attracted to employers that offer more than just a paycheck. O'Malley says focusing on the professional and personal development goals of your employees can help them determine their objectives, which can be an asset when making decisions like promotions or reassignments. 3. It's not just about the money… Invested employees are the gems that every employer wants and needs in the retail world. A business can become a home with these kinds of employees on staff. So, give your employees a reason to come to work each day besides the check at the end of the week. Develop an inclusive mentality among coworkers and supervisors with regular development sessions. These can be training oriented, designed for teambuilding exercises or just plain fun amongst coworkers. 2. You set my tone. Your business, through time, is likely to become an extension of your personality and attitude. "In its simplest terms, the culture of your business is how you operate on a daily basis: How employees, managers and the owners communicate; how the triumphs and special occasions celebrated; how the losses are met and overcome," O'Malley says. Problems are only magnified when the workforce gets smaller. 4. …but the money is still pretty important. Everyone wants more money for their work. Be proactive in your approach to wages for employees. Research area and industry wage standards and align your payroll appropriately. Acknowledge improvements and success by employees with regular reviews and, if possible and appropriate, wage raises. 5. I want to be successful. People are naturally motivated to seek success, but it's different for every individual. Understanding your employees' motivations can go a long way toward figuring out their ideas about success and how to help them attain it. Your efforts in this regard will be rewarded with mutually beneficial situations, O'Malley says. 6. Tell me what you want. Go beyond just telling your employees their job requirements, and you'll likely be rewarded for the effort. "As a kid, was there anything more frustrating than a parent saying, 'Because I said so?'" O'Malley says. "Providing the 'why' along with the 'what' increases your employees' buy-in to the messaging." HARDWARE RETAILING | October 2017 76

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