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NOV 2017

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November 2017 | HARDWARE RETAILING 53 Y ou can't escape the power of impulse. It's not just a vital part of any retail business, it's part of the human experience. It's the need to break away from the ordered and planned and try something new. K-CO Products LLC was founded under the principles of retail first and impulse strong. The company features products like the Little Big Shot ® , the Johnny Jolter ® and the upcoming lineup of adhesives, called Glü ™ . However, products are not the only way the company hopes to affect the hardware industry. K-CO Products has worked with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs for six years to offer paid work through a program designed to help disabled U.S. military veterans. This program is of vital importance for both K-CO Products and the valued veterans, says managing member David Kurrasch. Hardware Retailing spoke with Kurrasch to learn more. In this Q&A, he shares the values of K-CO Products as well as its focus on the future of the company and the industry. Hardware Retailing (HR): What is the primary philosophy for K-CO Products? David Kurrasch (DK): K-CO Products wants to tackle innovative products that compete within high-volume and high-household penetration categories. We want to build categories with truly innovative products. HR: Please tell us more about your products. DK: Well, we lead off with Little Big Shot, which is a leading hose nozzle in the market. Because it is highly efficient and powerful, it really stands out in the water nozzle category and provides impulse sales as well. The Johnny Jolter toilet plunger is a unique addition to the plumbing assortment. Highly effective at clearing clogs, it significantly builds category margin for retailers who offer it. Unlike other plungers, it works with water instead of air, and that really attracts customers because it's intuitive yet unique. Now with Glü, it was a happy accident. We actually used this adhesive in our assembly of the Johnny Jolter. It's formulated to adhere various plastics to each other. We had a need in the shop to glue something that wasn't plastic. This adhesive worked perfectly, so we started testing it on other materials and discovered it adhered to glass, polymers, woods and metals, really anything. We're testing this product in retail, and we believe it will be a great addition as a true professional-grade, all-purpose glue in a very tough category. HR: How did your work with the veteran community begin? DK: It started about six years ago. A friend of mine worked in nonprofits, and she introduced us to a program with Veterans Affairs called Compensated Work Therapy (CWT). This federal program provides a pathway to help many disabled veterans integrate back into the private-sector workforce. CWT has become a vital part of our business, and we couldn't do it without the help of the veterans. We're proud to be made in the U.S., and we're even prouder of our team. HR: How does the current program work? What are your plans to expand on the program in the future? DK: Right now, we provide seasonal work in the program, with about 18 veterans working with us for eight to nine months. We are working to expand our product mix and volume so we can have year-round work and add more veterans to the team. Our expansion should lead to opportunities for full-time employment. These veterans have really become family, and we cannot imagine them not being involved. For more information on K-CO Products, call 949-276-5252 or visit kco-innovations.com. K-CO Products Has an Impulse to Help Sponsored by K-CO Products | kco-innovations.com Category Q&A

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