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APR 2017

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HARDWARE RETAILING | April 2017 64 for quality, sustainability and long life. We want brands that are going to stand behind the product. Both SunPower and Tesla are a good fit." A customer can come in and sit down with a home consultant, and that consultant will map out specific recommendations to improve whole-home efficiency. For example, if a consultant discovers the customer's roof needs repairs or should be replaced in a few years, a new roof should be a priority before investing in residential solar energy. "All of our design services are free," Waitzkin says. "We'll do designs with no commitment and see where it goes. We want to help reduce the barrier for homeowners." Making Predictions For the Future Although there is no crystal ball to predict where solar technology will be 15 years down the road, Waitzkin says he believes solar energy will continue to grow and move from the fringe to a more common energy alternative. Costs are likely to continue to lower as equipment and installation prices drop. Yet even as solar technology becomes more commonplace, he doesn't predict homeowners will completely fall off the electrical energy grid. "The need for the electrical grid remains, because it's not always sunny, and at night, panels are not generating power," Waitzkin says. "However, I predict that batteries and solar products will be packaged together more frequently to act as a more well- rounded alternative energy solution." In order to see solar technology adopted by more homeowners, not only will technology need to improve, but an emphasis on improved aesthetics will need to be a priority for solar manufacturers, Waitzkin says. "While I think solar panels look cool, some people think they're an eyesore," he says. "Some homeowners associations even restrict solar, and where it can be placed on the home, but I think that will be seen less as solar panel manufacturers embrace performance and the aesthetics of the panel design." Customers curious about residential solar energy or adding a home battery can browse the home performance area of the store and talk with a home performance consultant. American Made & Profitable For Over 80 Years With a variety of clearly marked spring assortments, Ajax offers your customers ease of selection for their specific needs. Each assortment comes in their own unique case. Our storage cabinets and kits, provide assortments of Steel Lock, Brass Lock, Music Wire, Stainless Steel, Extension, Compression and more, each making dispensing efficient and economical. Ask for our Product Catalog which provides product descriptions and size specifications. Toll Free: 855-966-AJAX (2529) www.ajaxwire.com ajaxwire@aol.com 119 Bloomingdale Road, Hicksville, NY 11801

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