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FEB 2018

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"We have about 40 feet of cleaning supplies on an aisle and have both sides filled," Jake Bunge says. "Our selection ranges from a variety of cleaning solutions to hand-held tools like brooms and dusters. Our co-op recommended we have this department at the front of the store. This is a change from what we had done before, but it makes sense because these are everyday items that can be an easy impulse add-on. Plus, cleaning products are well-packaged, colorful and have many unique qualities to grab the customer's attention." In Thayne, Wyoming, and the surrounding communities that include about 6,000 people, consumers tackle most of their home improvement shopping at Thayne Hardware. Store owners Larry and Sandra Rodeck took over the longstanding operation in 2002. Since they were already business owners in the agriculture category and in the real estate business, the previous owner asked if the Rodecks would be interested in purchasing the store. Being in a location without big-box competition, Thayne Hardware's customers are mainly homeowners, so Larry Rodeck strives to make his store a one-stop destination. The Rodecks have established their reputation by carving out a strong cleaning department in the store. "Our cleaning selection takes up two aisles of goods near the front of the store," Rodeck says. "Having it there ensures customers who are busy running errands see the goods they may need before heading to the checkout." Both Rodeck and the Bunges agree the cleaning category provides an opportunity to grab add-on sales, which make a big difference in growing the average transaction size. Although grocery stores appear to have a larger share of the market, Al Bunge says their stores would be at a disadvantage, missing sales from DIYers and professionals who need cleaning products to finish a project if they didn't carry a line of well known and unique items. To ensure the selection of items make a good impression on customers, it's vital the aisle is tidy, fronted and clean. Rodeck has even built this step into the weekly operations checklist. "We have made our cleaning category stand out in a few ways," Rodeck says. "Pricing the items appropriately and keeping the area clean is important. I have an employee who cleans my shelving and items each week and whenever there is extra time. It wouldn't look good if the cleaning products had a line of dust on them." Continued from Page 53

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