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February 2018 | HARDWARE RETAILING 63 W ith the world moving faster than ever, no one can afford to slow down. Yet that's exactly what rust does, either through its destruction of metal components or by forcing someone to take the time to remove it. Aidant Brands ® is hoping to keep customers in motion with its product line, Rust Patrol ® . "The multiuse spray brings new technology to the market," says MASS Management vice president of sales Mike McGinnis. "It gives users and retailers more rust prevention options than ever before." Hardware Retailing (HR): When it comes to rust prevention products, what sets Rust Patrol ® apart from its competition? Mike McGinnis (MM): First, the major difference is the level of technology. Most other products in this category were designed 60 or 70 years ago. Rust Patrol ® doesn't work like anything else on the market. Using nanotechnology, Rust Patrol ® actively seeks out metal and bonds at the molecular level, like a magnet. Consumers can address multiple issues at the same time using Rust Patrol ® due to this unique chemical makeup. HR: How long has Rust Patrol ® been in development? MM: Dr. James Tour, a chemist, inventor and professor at Rice University in Houston who has won multiple awards for his work, invented Rust Patrol ® after perfecting the formula over seven years. During this time, Lauren Thompson Miller was a graduate student at Rice. She, along with Aidant Brands ® co-founder Tim Aramil, took on the task of developing a business plan to bring this product to market. Miller is now the CEO of Aidant Brands ® , which launched Rust Patrol ® in 2015, while Aramil is on the board of directors. We're excited to make Rust Patrol ® available nationwide. HR: What makes Rust Patrol ® a game-changing product? MM: Because of the state-of-the-art technology involved, Rust Patrol ® is a better option than its competitors, even in some of their specialty markets. It works in four job categories: rust prevention, moisture displacement, lubrication and penetration. Rust Patrol ® is a thin coating that works through the grit, grime and cracks to get to the metal, which allows it to break rusted components free with ease. This makes it particularly useful as a penetrant. Rust Patrol ® doesn't hold moisture, thus ensuring it doesn't aid corrosion. Its ability to bond with metal also helps as a lubricant and preventer, allowing Rust Patrol ® to stay on the metal surface longer. Outside of the DIY and homeowner market, Rust Patrol ® also offers great appeal for more industrial jobs. Heavy machinery, such as expensive equipment used in agriculture, mining and manufacturing, is exposed to constant wear and tear. HR: How does Rust Patrol ® assist retailers in developing their business? MM: That's at the heart of Rust Patrol's ® appeal and value. The hardware retail industry is very people-oriented. It's about servicing customers and helping them solve problems, and Rust Patrol ® helps those customers save time and money. One of the biggest reasons a customer visits an independently owned hardware store is the expertise they know is available from the staff. Rust Patrol ® helps those customers with everything, from squeaky hinges to protecting outdoor furniture. It can even get those rusted lawn mower bolts free, and it's in one product. For retail, we have two sizes: a 2-oz. pump spray bottle and an 8-oz. gross weight aerosol spray bottle. The two-ounce bottle, in its countertop PDQ, helps make Rust Patrol ® a great point-of-sale item. The larger displays really show off our comparison tests with competitors and show what Rust Patrol ® can do. HR: How can retailers bring Rust Patrol ® into their stores? MM: We're already set up with many well-known distributors throughout the country. Whomever you happen to buy through, we can probably do a simple drop-ship. We're also happy to sell direct for as little as one case. We're 100 percent made in the U.S. and ship out of Charlotte, North Carolina. For customers in California, we have a no-VOCs version available. Rust Patrol ® Gets the Job Done Right Sponsored by Rust Patrol ® | rustpatrol.com Category Q&A

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