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MAR 2018

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HARDWARE RETAILING | March 2018 86 How McGuckin Spends Its Time Online The Boulder, Colorado-based hardware store has grown its online presence across a half-dozen platforms over the last several years. Each space offers the company a different opportunity to connect with community members and customers. "A lot of what we post is spur of the moment," says McGuckin Hardware marketing and communications specialist Steve Wilke. "We are kind of the community center. There's always something going on in Boulder, so there's never a shortage of things to post about." While it's important to stay tuned in to your community, having a plan during slow news weeks is also crucial for a solid social media strategy. To get started on your plan, visit TheRedT.com/social-media-toolkit. Facebook Facebook is McGuckin's largest social media base, with more than 20,000 likes. The company uses Facebook to share store events, promotions and generally stay connected with the Boulder community. "Facebook has our biggest reach and is our most powerful tool," Wilke says. "We give our followers content that's relevant to the community. If our local newspaper posts an article, we'll share it and offer an angle of how we can help." Instagram Facebook owns Instagram, so linking the two platforms takes just a few clicks. With the platforms linked, it's easy to cross-post content, which means posting the same content on both platforms at the same time. Because Instagram is used to share photos and videos, McGuckin cross-posts visual content on both platforms. "Instagram and Facebook are our most robust platforms, when it comes to content. We try to mirror them, but the visual content is mostly geared toward Instagram," Wilke says. Twitter Wilke says Twitter functions a little differently than other platforms because it's more in the moment. McGuckin uses Twitter to connect with community members, Dependable Products for Over a Century …Our commitment to helping you increase profits! ©2010 D-L Brake Winches Contact us today for y our FREE catalog! Fuel Tank Filters Ag-Industrial Jacks What's more dependable than D-L ¨ products? Dutton-Lainson Company SINCE 1886 ¨ Hastings, NE 68902-0729 402-462-4141 Fax: 402-460-4612 www.dutton-lainson.com For outstanding value and performance, dependable D-L products can't be beat. We don't stop here. Dutton-Lainson Company has sales and mer- chandising programs to increase profits – including competitive pricing, attractive margins, smart packaging and more. In the area of the squeak, find the joist from above the floor using the Joist Finding tool in the kit. Then push the Alignment and Depth Control Fixture firmly into the carpet. STEP 1 Using the driver bit provided, drive the screw down as far as the fixture will allow. STEP 2 Slip the Screw Gripper over the screw head and rock the fixture left to right, snapping the head off. The screw breaks at the score that is set slightly below the wood of the floor. STEP 3 There is no damage to the carpet and nothing to feel with your bare foot. STEP 4 Squeeeeek No More ® Floor Squeak Elimination Kit It stops floor squeaks quickly and easily from above the floor by going through the carpet. ELIMINATE PESKY FLOOR SQUEAKS Squeeeeek No More ® includes a tool to quickly find the joist. This allows you to fasten the floor to the joist by driving the specially scored screw safely through the carpet. The head of the screw then gets snapped off, leaving nothing to see or feel in the carpet. This eliminates the need to move furniture, pull the carpet back, and restretch the carpet back to its original position. Ace Hardware #5106125 Do It Best #239992 True Value #811065 O'Berry Enterprises, Inc. 800-459-8428 9-5 CST For Carpeted and Hardwood Floors

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