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BATTERY The Truth Behind VOLTAGE As dealers, you've heard, "I need a 14- inch chain saw." You know the size of the bar doesn't equate to power or how much work can get done. There's a similar misconception with battery- powered products. Your customers see high-voltage batteries (up to 80 volts in some cases) and think that must mean maximum performance, when usually that's not the case. There are several factors that go into determining performance and how much work can get done on a single charge. With the launch of the STIHL Lightning Battery System ® , we're here to provide a few quick tips to help you dispel the voltage misconception. 1. HOW MUCH WORK CAN YOU COMPLETE ON A SINGLE CHARGE? While most people ask "What's the run time?" They should be asking "How much work can I get done on a single charge?" As with gas products, determining the task can help you fi nd the best battery series for your customer. STIHL offers three distinct lines of products that allow users to choose the right tool to get the job done. For instance: Quick tips to help your customers For a complete listing of STIHL battery line products, visit STIHLbattery.com. * Usable energy will be less. ** Usage claim tested and verifi ed by an independent third-party test laboratory. Run time may vary based on battery type, charge level and capacity, model, operating style and conditions. The STIHL BGA 100 handheld blower with STIHL AR 3000 backpack battery (1148 Wh * ) can run up to 160 minutes per charge and is the most powerful in the STIHL Lightning Battery System ® with more than enough power to get the large, professional jobs done. The STIHL BGA 56 handheld blower with STIHL AK 20 battery (100 Wh * ) can clear a sidewalk seven football fi elds long on a single charge, ** perfect for an occasional user. The STIHL BGA 85 handheld blower with STIHL AP 300 battery (227 Wh * ) can clear a sidewalk 11 football fi elds long on a single charge ** and would be ideal for professional users or homeowners with large properties! 160 7 11 2. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE WATTS It's a common misconception to think voltage equates to power. While voltage is a factor, the true energy capacity of a battery is measured in watts. The wattage of a battery can be determined by a simple math equation: watts = volts X amps. For example, an 80-volt battery rated at 144 Wh * contains less energy than a STIHL 36-volt battery with 227 Wh * . 3. FEWER VOLTS EQUALS LESS WEIGHT If energy can be increased with additional voltage, you may wonder, "Why wouldn't STIHL increase their voltage to make their batteries that much more powerful?" The short answer — more volts equals more weight. 4. TOTAL PACKAGE DETERMINES MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE It's not just the battery that impacts performance and run time. STIHL battery products are designed as a complete system. From the unique 1/4-inch pitch saw chain designed for our battery chain saws to STIHL Polycut TM blades on the STIHL FSA 45 trimmer to brushless motors on the AP Series, every component is engineered to give maximum performance per watt consumed.

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