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MAY 2018

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And once Gwynn decided to go with RockSolid MAX, she found even more reasons to be pleased. "The support we got from RockSolid MAX to help us prepare for the conversion was amazing," she says. "They gave us detailed guidelines and a timetable on what we needed to accomplish each month and there was a library of very useful videos online that we could watch and learn from." In addition, she says, RockSolid MAX technical support staff walked the Taylorsville Hardware team through set up for every piece of equipment and tested everything once it was hooked up to make sure it was all working perfectly. It was five-star support all the way on the conversion and Gwynn says it's continued that way ever since. "A lot of times with software, you don't know what you don't know until you need it but that hasn't been a problem with RockSolid MAX." "The representative at RockSolid MAX who helped us with our initial set up is still as available today as he was back then. He's there every time we call him and he always has the answer that we need," she says. HOURS OF WORK AND MOUNTAINS OF PAPERWORK—GONE! Once RockSolid MAX was live, life at Taylorsville Hardware got a whole lot easier. About half of the store's business comes from house accounts. "In pre-RockSolid MAX days, putting monthly statements together and mailing them used to take as long as eight hours," says Gwynn. When we talked to Gwynn Oliver, Taylorsville Hardware had been using RockSolid MAX for less than six months, but that was more than enough time to prove to her and the rest of the team that they had made the right software decision. "With all the extra time RockSolid MAX has given us and the information it's generating on what's happening in the store, the program is basically paying for itself," she says. "If we didn't have RockSolid MAX, we'd still be spending a huge amount of time sorting through paperwork instead of using that time to work on refreshing the store. RockSolid MAX has been a key reason behind our sales growth and we've been very happy with our investment." RUN YOUR BUSINESS FROM ANYWHERE! RockSolid MAX™ cloud-based software for hardware stores and home centers offers access to your business system from anywhere. Whether you log in from the store, at home, or on the beach, you can manage all your business operations from any internet connection. That's flexibility. BE PRODUCTIVE. KEEP INFORMED. STAY CONNECTED. www.ECiSolutions.com/RockSolidMAX RockSolidMAXInfo@ECiSolutions.com 800.588.5128 Advertisement

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