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MAY 2018

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HARDWARE RETAILING | May 2018 182 Noe Delgado Store Manager, Glover Park Hardware Noe Delgado has been with Glover Park Hardware, one of the A Few Cool Hardware Stores, since 2010. He hasn't always been a store manager, but starting out as an entry-level employee and moving up through the ranks has given him both hands-on knowledge of every part of the operation and respect from his employees. Where I Started I started working at Glover Park Hardware during college. It was only going to be a temporary job, but after graduation, I realized I really enjoyed working at the store and wanted to run my own store someday, a place where I could put my own vision. So I started moving up the ranks and began taking on some leadership roles. There's almost no job in the store I haven't done. One of the most important roles I've had was as an inventory coordinator. If you don't have the right items on the shelf, customers aren't happy, so someone who understands inventory is a true asset to the company. That experience taught me a lot, and soon I had the opportunity to move to assistant manager, then eventually to manager. How I Learned One of my biggest challenges was getting the confidence I needed to lead, but Marc and Gina helped by providing a lot of training. We went to workshops at Ace Hardware, where I was able to learn from others in my position. I visit other stores whenever I can to get ideas for my own store. We also had a consultant come teach us how to deal with difficult situations. Those classes were amazing in how they helped manage people. What's also helped me the most is having a staff behind me, supporting and encouraging me. How to Be an Effective Leader To be an effective leader, the first thing you need to do is listen to your staff. Understand their learning styles, because not everyone operates at the same pace. If you think you have employees who are struggling, that doesn't always mean they don't want to learn. It's important to first be patient while you understand everyone's strengths and weaknesses. Communication is critical. Be transparent with your staff, communicate with them daily and get them involved. Ask for their opinions and feedback. We have store meetings every quarter so everyone understands what's happening at the store and what we're planning. Encourage leaders in your staff. There are usually people who want to move up and take on lead roles. Even if those positions are not available, let them know you want to help them grow. It's easy for people to get too comfortable and not want to take on extra responsibility. So I will sit down with those prospective leaders and make a list of what they need to learn to move up. When I learn something new, I pass it on. I give them constructive criticism, so when there's an opportunity, they're ready. Taking the Lead While being a store manager includes a variety of responsibilities, Noe Delgado (right) believes communication with employees is critical to being an effective leader.

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