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MAY 2018

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May 2018 | HARDWARE RETAILING 189 Yu advises retailers to be patient with their Facebook videos as they build their brand. He says many retailers only focus on the final set of videos, those which focus on the actual products and services their businesses offer, but that's a mistake. "You have to go through the courtship of building relationships as you build your brand," he says. "That takes time and investment, but the good news is that it's affordable and only takes a few minutes of your time." The 3x3 video grid also gives retailers a manageable data set to examine as they build their online brand. By reviewing which videos get the highest views and engagements, retailers can quickly learn which type of content resonates with their audience and adjust future videos accordingly to capitalize on that interest. Defending Your Brand After you've created videos to help consumers recognize your operation's unique brand, Yu says the next step is entering the brand maintenance stage. He advises retailers keep track of which videos have performed the best historically. These videos are great options for future paid Facebook promotions, which Yu says are extremely affordable. For just a few dollars, retailers can pay to boost a high-performing post that introduces new audiences to your brand and has an established track record of success. "The videos that perform best are like your greatest hits—they're evergreen content that's always applicable. It's not like a post about a Mother's Day sale that fades away," Yu says. Yu says that unlike online opportunities, traditional advertising has limitations in building your brand. Often, print ads only focus on sales and don't give customers a true view of your individual brand. Retailers shouldn't rely on traditional advertising alone to build brand recognition among prospective customers. In the end, building a brand comes down to independent retailers having the patience to create engaging, unique content that consistently resonates with audiences. "It's like planting a seed," Yu says. "And that doesn't mean you have to blindly wait. You can watch the seeds grow over time." For more information on how videos can boost your brand, visit TheRedT.com/3x3-videos.

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