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MAY 2018

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HARDWARE RETAILING | May 2018 14 A t the beginning of this month, retailers, distributors, manufacturers and other folks allied to the home improvement industry will all gather in Las Vegas for the National Hardware Show ® . During the show, millions of ideas will be sparked, tens of millions of conversations will be had, hundreds of thousands of steak dinners will be ingested, and there might even be a few cocktails thrown in for good measure. If you are going to be at the show, we definitely want you to stop by the NRHA All-Industry Conference being held in the NRHA Village. We will have a variety of expert speakers on hand, you can meet some other independent retailers just like yourself and join everyone for a refreshing beverage. For those of you who aren't going to make it to the show, I have a few simple questions I'd like to ask you. • Why not? I mean, I do understand things come up, like your daughter is getting married or you are going in for knee surgery to fix that old golfing injury. Aside from that, the National Hardware Show affords you one of the best opportunities to interact with other retailers, learn about trends impacting the industry and see a variety of new products you might not otherwise be exposed to. • Do you go to other events throughout the year that introduce you to new ideas and points of view? If the National Hardware Show doesn't pique your interest, are you at least attending other events throughout the year that allow you to broaden your business horizons and think beyond the four walls of your own operation? Exploring new ideas, products and points of view is a critical component in driving your overall success. • Are you happy with how your business is performing? One good reason retailers sometimes list for not attending the National Hardware Show or other industry events is that they are too busy or that their operation is doing fine. If this is the case—congratulations! While I am pleased your business is chugging along, here's the problem. If you don't actively pursue new ideas and challenge yourself to look for new ways to run your operation better or to grow at an even faster pace, you are putting your business at risk should the winds of economic change begin to blow in a different direction. Honestly, no matter what reasons you come up with for not attending the National Hardware Show or other industry shows throughout the year, I want to leave you with this little observation. I have been going to the National Hardware Show and dozens of other similar shows for more than two decades. I have also visited with hundreds, if not thousands, of successful independent retailers over this same time span. Before I even arrive in Las Vegas, I can tell you with a degree of certainty that I will run into some of the industry's most successful and progressive independent retailers while I am at the show. They find the time to get away from their operations to be in attendance. They don't think their operations are "just fine" without attending these kinds of events. So, I guess I have one last question: What are you waiting for? Dan M. Tratensek, Publisher dant@nrha.org I've Got a Few Questions for You Taking Care of Business " Exploring new ideas, products and points of view is a critical component in driving your overall success. "

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