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JUN 2018

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June 2018 | HARDWARE RETAILING 41 W hen a customer walks into your store ready to buy a grill, what they are really looking to buy is the taste, smell, sound and outdoor experience grilling brings them. We know grilling excites the five senses and beyond, but it's the flavor of the food that consumers rank as most important for their grilling experience. Knowing this means your retail team should be ready to guide customers through the "flavor story" for each grill with confidence. Everyone knows that not all grills are created equal in creating that amazing grill flavor in food! In many cases, success is determined by the knowledge your staff possesses on how a grill works to create great barbecue flavor and how one grill is different from the next. That knowledge will help the consumer complete their purchase journey in your shop rather than leaving to buy from your competitor. Customers coming to browse the selection of grills in your store have already done their research. Studies show more than 80 percent of customers go online first to start their purchase journey. They just need your team to help finalize the buying decision. Industry research shows that the taste of grilled food— barbecue flavor—is the most important reason people grill. This applies to all consumer segments: The sizzle matters from your opening price point to the most deluxe model on the floor. What creates grilled flavor? Food juices hitting a hot surface and vaporizing create the grilled flavor your customers want. Some grills are designed to capture food juices at a number of points in the grill, vaporizing juices and infusing food with barbecue flavor. Other grills have gaps between surfaces, allowing juices to run directly to the grease tray—which is lost flavor—or flat grids with wider spaces between them and/or lighter material, allowing juices to fall through to the grease tray. So what should your retail team know? Heavy cooking grids get hotter than thin grids and have enough mass to retain that searing heat and vaporize juices right at the cooking surface. Grids that are V-shaped will vaporize food drippings right at the grilling surface. Reversible cooking grids that are also heavy will have troughs that pool juices and vaporize at the cooking surface. Drippings that fall from the cooking grids need to hit a hot surface and vaporize to infuse food with that unmistakable barbecue flavor. A Flav-r-Wave ™ that fills the entire cookbox offers even heat and opportunity for vaporization. Gaps or spaces below the cooking grids allow food juices to escape to the grease tray. Heat is the engine that drives the entire cooking system. You need a grill that gets hot, really hot, and stays hot! The source of the flame, number of rows of flame, and flame evenness define performance and flavor. Complete heat control enhances the whole cooking experience. Not only can you sear at high heat, you can also roast low and slow or grill anywhere in between. Your customers' culinary imaginations have no limits with a grill that empowers them to sear, grill directly, grill indirectly, rotisserie grill, smoke, roast, bake or plank. After flavor, consumers are concerned with the quality of construction and the price/value of their potential purchase. Quality and features are the essential final pieces of the puzzle that strengthen the buying decision. Broil King features North American quality grills from $199 to $3,000, a great warranty and a grill designed to deliver flavor. Sell the experience the customer is looking for and fire up their senses. Give customers a sense of pride in making the right choice and a sense of excitement knowing that there are no limits to their grilling imagination. Your best grilling experience begins with Broil King: Great barbecue flavor, every time. The Secret Ingredient for Barbecue Flavor Broil King | broilkingbbq.com Advertorial

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